Wish You Could Turn Back Time?

  The Sunday before last was quite possibly the most traumatic day I’ve had since I last ran out of tea bags. What happened? Simple: I went to do my laundry. Except it was anything but simple. I’m currently staying on a university campus, and therefore needed to visit the launderette. I’ll spare you all… read more

The Trouble with Being Awesome

  ‘Have an awesome day!’ This was the instruction that greeted me as I opened my Facebook newsfeed one morning. The page from which this comment originated will remain anonymous (because I can’t remember which one it was). But the first thought that popped into my mind when I read it was: (Sigh). Do I… read more

Too Spiritual to Be Depressed?

  Few people will turn to any kind of spiritual practice because everything is hunky-dory in their lives. Although there may be some who try out of pure curiosity, many will have some sort of issue that they are hoping to find help with. But that’s just it – meditation, or whatever practice you want… read more

Presents from the Present

  Why do we need to stay present? What so special about this moment anyway? What’s wrong with having a daydream or living in the past? What’s it all about? In an attempt to answer these questions, I have, in another present moment that wasn’t this one (otherwise known as the past) compiled a list of… read more

Are You Still Listening to Your Thoughts?

  Most of us know (or have known) at least one person who never stops talking; they love the sound of their own voice. Often, they’ll repeat the same stories again and again, oblivious to the fact that we’ve heard them all before. Perhaps there’s someone you know who criticizes everything you say and do;  maybe it’s a friend, parent… read more